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Good morning.

On this wordpress page I save and collect all my academic endeavours that I have produced as a consequence of my studies of Dutch, English, literary and media studies in Utrecht and Potsdam. You will mainly find ‘classical’ essays, but also more creative assignments such as columns and plays.

It goes without saying that all these academic products are completely mine and mine alone and are not to be copied. (Even if you would be considering such a heinous crime, beware that not all of these papers were graded to such an extend the result might make you happy.) If you wish to use anything or ask me a question, you are very welcome to reply anywhere on this website and I will get back to you without a swish and flick of a couple of hours, tops.

Enjoy your reading.


List of Articles




2005 – 2006


2006 – 2007


2007 – 2009


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